The Doctrine of Qualified Immunity

Chicago Lawyers Chapter

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On August 17, 2020, The Federalist Society's Chicago Lawyers Chapter hosted a virtual panel on "The Doctrine of Qualified Immunity." The panel explored the doctrine of qualified immunity that shields government officials from being held personally liable for constitutional violations and its future. Should the Supreme Court declare it unlawful? Should Congress amend it? How will law enforcement react if qualified immunity is changed?


  • Prof. Christopher J. Walker, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law; Director, Moritz Washington, D.C. Summer Program
  • Prof. Joanna Schwartz, Vice Dean for Faculty Development and Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law
  • Jay Schweikert, Project on Criminal Justice, Cato Institute
  • Moderator: Hon. John F. Kness, United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois


As always, the Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy issues; all expressions of opinion are those of the speakers.