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Regulatory Transparency Project

The Regulatory Transparency Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort dedicated to fostering discussion and a better understanding of regulatory policies.

Article I Initiative




The mission of Federalist Society’s Article I Initiative is to restore Congress to its rightful place in the Constitutional order. The Initiative is non-partisan; we aim to bring the left and the right together to ensure that the Constitutional balance leans heavily towards the institution which is meant to be most representative of the American people.


Capital Conversations

COVID-19 and the Law

The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and the response from all levels of government have given rise to numerous questions on various legal and public policy issues. Below is all of our content related to the pandemic including commentary and upcoming events.

In-House Counsel Network

The Federalist Society is pleased to announce its In-House Counsel Network. This group joins our 15 highly successful Practice Groups to broaden our programming and help us more effectively serve the legal community by providing a place for thoughtful, balanced discussion of the most pressing issues the business community faces today. 
This Network will focus on the issues that attorneys in for-profit companies face in day-to-day practice, like properly identifying the client, managing outside firms, earning “cooperation” status during criminal investigations while managing exposure to civil liability, understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, document retention and all matters of e-discovery, employment issues, tracking legal issues in corporate governance, and more. 

Freedom of Thought

There is a growing divide in this country over how to think about freedom of expression that reflects a growing divide over freedom of thought. This divide is rapidly replacing what had been a social consensus on the importance of being able to say controversial things, the virtue of defending the right to express unpopular opinions, and the centrality of individual conscience in the United States.

The Freedom of Thought Project—a special initiative of the Federalist Society—will address these emerging questions pertaining to free speech and thought. Through programming at conferences, and at lawyers’ chapter and student chapter events, we will cultivate respectful conversation and debate on the very topics where the discussion has sometimes degenerated into name-calling. And we will explore how the dynamic is playing out in particularly consequential areas of society, including the tech sector, the workplace, and academia.

For almost 40 years, the Federalist Society has provided a platform for thoughtful people from across the ideological spectrum to bring competing arguments to a variety of sensitive and contentious questions. We look forward to exploring these challenges to freedom of thought, giving all perspectives a fair and level platform, and letting facts and ideas speak for themselves.  

Alida Kass
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, and
Director of the Freedom of Thought Project

A Seat at the Sitting

Each month, a panel of constitutional experts will convene to discuss the Court’s upcoming docket and debrief oral arguments from the previous month.

Federal Court Docket Watch