Adam Thierer

Adam Thierer

Senior Fellow, R Street Institute

Adam Thierer is a senior fellow for the Technology & Innovation team at the R Street Institute in Washington DC. He works to make the world safe for innovators and entrepreneurs by pushing for a policy vision that is rooted in the idea of “permissionless innovation.”

Prior to R Street, Adam spent 12 years as a senior fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Before the Mercatus Center, he served as the president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation. Adam has also worked for the Adam Smith Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute.

Adam has published 10 books on a wide range of topics, including online child safety, internet governance, intellectual property, telecommunications policy, media regulation and federalism.

In 2008, Adam received the Family Online Safety Institute’s “Award for Outstanding Achievement.”

Adam has a master’s degree in international business management and a bachelor’s degree with a double major in political science and journalism.


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