In an effort to increase dialogue about state court jurisprudence, the Federalist Society presents State Court Docket Watch. This publication is one component of the State Courts Project, presenting original articles on state court jurisprudence and illustrating new trends and ground-breaking decisions in the state courts.

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The thirty-eight articles you’ll find in this edition of State Court Docket Watch were all originally published at in 2021. They are presented alphabetically by state.

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Barnett v. Jones by Barrett Bowdre - Pg. 4


State of Arizona v. Mixton by Timothy Sandefur - Pg. 7

Schires v. Carlat by Paul Avelar - Pg. 10


In re Humphrey by Craig Trainor - Pg. 12


In Re: Amendments to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.510 by Jason Gonzalez, Rachel Procaccini - Pg. 14


State of Iowa v. Wright by John G. Wrench - Pg. 16

In the Matter of Adopting Felony Conviction Challenge for Cause Amendments to Chapter 1 Rules of Civil Procedure and Chapter 2 Rules of Criminal Procedure 19 by GianCarlo Canaparo - Pg. 19


Guns Save Lives, Inc. v. Ali by Amy Swearer - Pg. 20


State of Indiana v. Timbs by Jeremiah Mosteller - Pg. 22


Cameron v. Beshear by J. Brooken Smith - Pg. 25


DeWeese–Boyd v. Gordon College by Jordan Lorence - Pg. 28


Council of Organizations and Others for Education About Parochiaid v. State of Michigan by Thomas Rheaume, Gordon Kangas - Pg. 31


State of Minnesota v. Khalil by Dean Mazzone - Pg. 34


Initiative Measure No. 65: Mayor Butler v. Watson by Prof. Christopher Green - Pg. 37


State of Montana v. Mercier by Arthur Rizer - Pg. 39

New Jersey

In re Petition for Expungement of the Criminal Records Belonging to T.O. by Anastasia Boden - Pg. 41

New Mexico

Grisham v. Romero by GianCarlo Canaparo - Pg. 44

State of New Mexico v. Wilson by Daniel Suhr - Pg. 47


State of Ohio v. Weber by Joseph Greenlee - Pg. 50


State of Oklahoma ex rel. Attorney General of Oklahoma v. Johnson & Johnson by Katie Jackson - Pg. 53


State of Oregon v. Pittman by Joseph DeMarco - Pg. 56


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Alexander by Matthew Cavedon - Pg. 58

South Carolina

Wilson v. City of Columbia by Christopher Mills, Anna Edwards - Pg. 60

South Dakota

Hamen v. Hamlin County, South Dakota by Anya Bidwell - Pg. 62


State of Vermont v. Misch by Prof. George Mocsary - Pg. 65


Loudoun County School Board v. Cross by Cindy Crawford - Pg. 68


State of Washington v. Blake by Tim Lynch - Pg. 71

Woods v. Seattle's Union Gospel Mission by Seth Cooper - Pg. 73

City of Seattle v. Long by Ashli Tagoai - Pg. 76

Washington State Legislature v. Inslee by GianCarlo Canaparo - Pg. 79

State of Washington v. Haag by GianCarlo Canaparo - Pg. 81


Jefferson v. Dane County, Wisconsin by Andrew Cook - Pg. 84

State of Wisconsin v. Roundtree by Amy Swearer - Pg. 87

State of Wisconsin v. Halverson by Anthony LoCoco - Pg. 89

Fabick v. Evers by Andrew Cook - Pg. 92

Zignego v. Wisconsin Elections Commission by Drew Watkins - Pg. 94

Tavern League of Wisconsin, Inc. v. Andrea Palm by Corydon Fish - Pg. 97

Clean Wisconsin v. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources by Corydon Fish, Andrew Cook - Pg. 100


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