Shakespeare and the Law: Measure for Measure

Boston Lawyers Chapter

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The Federalist Society and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company present
Shakespeare’s Measure by Measure and the Art of Judging.

The Federalist Society, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, and McCarter & English, LLP present their 15th Annual Shakespeare and the Law program featuring a staged reading of Measure by Measure followed by a discussion of the legal and political issues addressed in the play and their application to today's headlines. 

Hosted by:

  • Justice Charles Canady, Florida Supreme Court
  • Judge Jeffrey Sutton, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Participants Include:

  • Chief Judge Patti Saris, Massachusetts U.S. District Court
  • Judge Nathaniel Gorton, Massachusetts U.S. District Court 
  • Judge Timothy Hillman, Massachusetts U.S. District Court
  • Judge Dennis Saylor IV, Massachusetts U.S. District Court
  • Judge Douglas Woodlock, Massachusetts U.S. District Court
  • Judge Rya Zobel, Massachusetts U.S. District Court
  • Justice Kimberly Budd, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • Justice Robert Cordy, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (retired)
  • Justice, Judith Cowin,  Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (retired)
  • Judge William Meade, Massachusetts Appeals Court
  • Judge Eric Neyman, Massachusetts Appeals Court

Directed by:

  • Steven Maler, Artistic Director of Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

Produced by:

  • Daniel J. Kelly, Partner at McCarter & English