Daniel Polsby

Prof. Daniel Polsby

Dean and Foundation Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

Topics: Civil Rights • Administrative Law & Regulation

Dean and Foundation Professor of Law Daniel D. Polsby joined the faculty of the law school in 1999 after serving 23 years on the Northwestern University law faculty, most recently (since 1990) as the Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law. He has held visiting appointments in the law schools of the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, and Cornell University. He was appointed acting dean of the George Mason School of Law in 2004 and was named dean in 2005.

Dean Polsby has published dozens of articles on such diverse subjects as voting rights, family law, employment rights, and spectrum utilization. He is the author of the award-winning article, "The False Promise of Gun Control," the cover essay of the March 1994 Atlantic Monthly. The article is one of the most widely anthologized essays of recent years.

Dean Polsby received his B.A. from Oakland University (1964) and earned his J.D. magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota (1971). He teaches Criminal Law, Family Law, Constitutional Law, and other subjects.


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