Insights on the Supreme Court's New Ethics Guidelines

Cracking the Code of Conduct

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On November 13, 2023, the Supreme Court formally announced a Code of Conduct, a significant development encapsulated in a 14-page document outlining five canons of conduct. Addressing issues such as judicial recusal and permissible outside activities, the Code consolidates ethical rules guiding the Court's members. This webinar assembles a panel of Supreme Court and Legal Ethics experts to delve into the nuances of the Code, exploring surprises within its text and elucidating its implications for the Court's future.

The release of a Code coincides with the Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics Practice Group's sponsorship of a National Lawyers Convention breakout panel titled "Originalist Perspectives on Ethics and the Supreme Court." The discussion, held just days before the Code's unveiling, pondered the necessity of an Ethics Code for the Supreme Court and foreshadowed lingering questions for the Court. A recording is available here


  • Prof. Arthur Hellman, Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  • David Lat, Founder, Original Jurisdiction
  • Moderator: Hon. Jennifer Perkins, Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One



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