Disestablishment and Religious Dissent

St. Louis Lawyers Chapter

Drawing from a new collection of essays, Disestablishment and Religious Dissent: Church-State Relations in the New American States, 1776 to 1833, Esbeck and Den Hartog detail how the American colonies broke from the British Crown and declared themselves sovereign states. In adopting new constitutions, they were forced to address – in many cases reconsider – church-state relations. The elimination of religious taxes and similar preferential treatments was a radical, and some thought risky, departure from the state churches of England and all Western Europe.


  • Carl H. Esbeck, Professor, University of Missouri School of Law
  • Jonathan Den Hartog, Professor, Howard College of Arts and Sciences, Samford University

*Sponsored by the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy and the St. Louis Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society.

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