Martin A. Regalia

Dr. Martin A. Regalia

Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Dr. Martin A. Regalia is senior vice president for economic and tax policy and chief economist at the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to coming to the Chamber in April 1993, Regalia served as the director of research for the Savings and Community Bankers of America (SCBA). Before that, in June 1992 when the group was founded, Regalia was executive vice president of policy development and chief economist for the National Council of Community Bankers—one of SCBA’s predecessor organizations.

Regalia also served as a principal analyst in the Fiscal Analysis Division at the Congressional Budget Office, as an economist for the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System in both the Banking and Capital Markets Sections, and as a financial economist for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

In addition, he served as a consultant to the Thrift Institutions Advisory Council to the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System and was a visiting instructor at The George Washington University School of Government and Business.

Regalia appears regularly on national television news and debate programs, testifies before congressional committees, authors articles and publications on a variety of economic topics, and speaks to many groups across the country.

USA Today named Regalia one of the top 10 economists in the nation. Regalia and the other economic experts received this recognition for the accuracy of their 2008 forecasts.

Regalia has a B.A. with honors in economics from the University of Santa Clara as well as an M.A. in economics and a Ph.D. in monetary economics from the University of Wisconsin.


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