Prof. Lawrence Solum

Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law, Georgetown Law

Lawrence B. Solum is the Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center. Professor Solum received his J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and his B.A. with highest departmental honors in philosophy from the University of California at Los Angeles. He is the editor of Legal Theory Blog (

Professor Solum recent work focuses on constitutional theory, particularly the great debate between originalists and living constitutionalists.  Professor Solum’s work on this topic includes an investigation of the relevance of linguistics and the philosophy of language methods of constitutional interpretation.  He is currently writing “The Constraint Principle”—an article that focuses on the normative case for the proposition that the original public meaning of the constitutional text should constraint constitutional actors.

Solum is the author of Constitutional Originalism (with William Bennett) and of treatises on federal procedure and destruction of evidence; he edited a recent anthology on virtue jurisprudence.  Recent articles include “The Fixation Thesis: The Role of Historical Fact in Original Meaning” and “Originalist Methodology.” His “Legal Theory Lexicon” has been published in Mandarin and is available free of charge to law students everywhere.  Solum’s articles have appeared in the American Journal of Jurisprudence, the Harvard Law Review, the Michigan Law Review, the Northwestern University Law Review, the Southern California Law Review, the Texas Law Review, the University of Chicago Law Review, Virginia Law Review, Yale Law Journal, and many other journals in a variety of disciplines.

Professor Solum delivered the Natural Law Lecture at Notre Dame, the Meador Lecture at the University of Alabama, the Keynote Address at the Loyola of Chicago Constitutional Law Colloquium, and the McGlinchy Lecture at Tulane Law School.  Professor Solum has done workshops, conferences, and colloquia at numerous universities throughout the world, including Ankara University, Boston University, Columbia University, Fudan University of Shanghai, Harvard University, the Sorbonne, Stanford University, and the University of London.  

Solum teaches Constitutional Law and a first-year course in Civil Procedure as well as an advanced seminar in constitutional law.  He decided to become a law professor at the age of fourteen and was spending his free time after school at the county law library by his sophomore year of high school. Really!

2019 National Lawyers Convention


The Mayflower Hotel
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Showcase Panel I: Justice Scalia: Text Over Intent and the Demise of Legislative History

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