Evan Bernick

Evan Bernick

Visiting Lecturer, Georgetown University Law Center

Professor Evan Bernick is a Visiting Lecturer at the Georgetown University Law Center and a Fellow at the Georgetown Center for the Constitution. 

He previoisly was the Assistant Director of IJ’s Center for Judicial Engagement. He joined the Institute in July 2014, and worked to educate the public and persuade judges about the need for a properly engaged judiciary that enforces all of the Constitution’s limits on government in every case.

Before joining IJ, Mr. Bernick was a Koch Associate and Visiting Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, where he focused on the problem of overcriminalization—the use of the criminal law to target conduct that most reasonable people wouldn’t expect to be illegal in the first place. He chronicled stories of victims of overcriminalization and wrote op-eds, issue briefs, and legal memorandums about constitutional law, sentencing policy, and police militarization, among other subjects. His work has appeared in such places as Time Magazine, FoxNews.com, the Washington Times, the Chicago-Sun Times, and National Review Online. Prior to Heritage, he worked at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty as a legal intern and at the Cato Institute as a legal associate.

Mr. Bernick received his J.D. from the University Chicago Law School in 2011. He graduated with honors from the University of Chicago in 2008.