The Federalist Paper, February 2011We are pleased to bring you the winter issue of The Federalist Paper, now online. Inside, as always, we review the many programs and publications the Federalist Society has sponsored through its various divisions and special projects over the past three months.

The Federalist Society hosted another successful National Lawyers Convention in November, with over 1800 attendees coming to Washington, D.C. to hear a number of prominent scholars and practitioners attending to speak about important issues in the law.

Our Student and Lawyers Chapters also hosted a number of successful events on a variety of topics, including the challenges to the recent health-care legislation and the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. The Faculty Division hosted one of its best-attended conferences ever in January, with over eighty faculty members from forty different law schools coming together at its 2011 Annual Faculty Conference.

This year, the University of Virginia hosts the annual Federalist Society Student Symposium on February 25-26. The topic of the Symposium is "Capitalism, Markets, and the Constitution." We are excited about the Symposium and look forward to seeing many of you there! We will include a survey of the event in the next issue of The Federalist Paper.

As always, we invite and encourage friends and members to send in comments and suggestions - and look forward to hearing from you!