In an effort to increase dialogue about state court jurisprudence, the Federalist Society presents State Court Docket Watch. This publication is one component of the State Courts Project, presenting original articles on state court jurisprudence and illustrating new trends and ground-breaking decisions in the state courts.

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The thirty-seven articles you’ll find in this edition of State Court Docket Watch were all originally posted on the FedSoc Blog at They are presented alphabetically by state.


Myers v. Yamato Kogyo Co. by Nicholas Bronni - Pg. 4


Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Phoenix by Jonathan Scruggs - Pg. 6

State v. Arevalo by Jacob Huebert - Pg. 8


Frlekin v. Apple Inc. by Jeremy B. Rosen - Pg. 10


People in Interest of R.D. by Prof. Anthony (Tom) Caso - Pg. 12


Thompson v. DeSantis by Chloe C. Leedom - Pg. 14


Jackson v. Raffensberger by Anastasia P. Boden - Pg. 16


In Re Individuals in Custody of the State of Hawai’i by Jeremiah Mosteller - Pg. 18


Berry v. City of Chicago by Christopher Appel - Pg. 21


Indiana Department Of Natural Resources v. Kevin Prosser by Prof. Aaron Nielson - Pg. 21


League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa v. Pate by Drew Watkins - Pg. 25


Kelly v. Legislative Coordinating Council by Brad Schlozman - Pg. 28

State v. Harris by Robert Alt - Pg. 31


Normand v. by Adam A. Millsap, Ph.D., Lee A. Steven - Pg. 33

The Effect of Ramos v. Louisiana by GianCarlo Canaparo - Pg. 35


Foster v. Commissioner of Correction by Kymberlee Stapleton - Pg. 37


Rafaeli, LLC v Oakland County by Thomas J. Rheaume, Jr., Gordon J. Kangas - Pg. 39

Midwest Institute of Health, PLLC v. Governor by Thomas J. Rheaume, Jr., Gordon J. Kangas - Pg. 41


HWCC-Tunica, Inc. v. Mississippi Department of Revenue by Daniel Ortner - Pg. 44

New Jersey

State of New Jersey v. Robert Andrews by Billy Easley, II - Pg. 46


State v. Nettles by Zachery Keller - Pg. 48


The Institute For Responsible Alcohol Policy v. State ex rel. Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission by Jarrett Dieterle - Pg. 50


Elkhorn Baptist Church v. Brown by GianCarlo Canaparo - Pg. 52


Ladd v. Real Estate Commission by Anastasia P. Boden - Pg. 54

Pennsylvania Democratic Party v. Boockvar by J. Christian Adams, Kaylan L. Phillips - Pg. 56

South Carolina

Bailey v. SC State Election Commission by Jason Torchinsky, Drew Watkin - Pg. 58

Adams v. McMaster by Stafford (Mac) J. McQuillin, III - Pg. 60


Fisher v. Hagett and Lay v. Goins by Jason Torchinsky, Dennis W. Polio - Pg. 62

Jodi McClay v. Airport Management Services, LLC by Mark A. Behrens - Pg. 65


In re Salon A La Mode by Ken Paxton - Pg. 68

In re the State of Texas by Cory Liu - Pg. 70

State v. Hollins by Cory Liu - Pg. 72


Mitchell v. Roberts by Samantha Harris - Pg. 74


Wisconsin Legislature v. Palm by Rick Esenberg - Pg. 76

Hawkins v. Wisconsin Elections Commission by Andrew C. Cook - Pg. 79

Service Employees International Union, Local 1 v. Vos by Andrew C. Cook, Corydon James Fish - Pg. 81

West Virginia

Morrisey v. West Virginia AFL-CIO by Elbert Lin - Pg. 85