Austin Federalist Society chapter lawyers and students welcomed recently-appointed Texas Supreme Court Justice Evan Young at their annual holiday meet-and-greet. Justice Young replaced Justice Eva Guzman with one year remaining in the term. The new justice has impressive qualifications as a Yale Law graduate and clerk for Justice Antonin Scalia, but it is his enthusiasm and passion that are striking. 

Not only does Justice Young apply law with fidelity to legislative construction, but he also said that he anticipates the day that one of his opinions will be countered by the legislature and, when the issue arrives back at the Court, he intends to uphold the revised law. Justice Young expressed an overriding commitment to providing "precision and clarity" so that "the people know how to live."

The justice encouraged greater participation in the amicus briefing process. He revealed that few amicus briefs are filed before the Texas Supreme Court and he reminded lawyers that the structure, requirements, and timeline are much less stringent than U.S. Supreme Court rules. 

Justice Young relishes the Texas petition conferences for the unique opportunity offered clerks to observe the discussions. His affection for teaching shows in his talent for telling stories. The justice was obviously amused by his five-year-old daughter when she decided to join him in taking the oath and she placed her hand on the Bible too!

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