2021 Executive Branch Review Week CLE

CLE Instructions

CLE is only being offered for the four webinars on Wednesday, May 19th. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that you receive credit.

Step 1: Choose and purchase your desired CLE plan by clicking the button below.


Step 2: Sign-in to the electronic sign-in form on the day you are attending panels for CLE credit. The sign-in button will go live 30 minutes prior to the first panel of the day.

This form is now closed.


Step 3: LISTEN FOR AND WRITE DOWN THE UNIQUE WEBINAR CODE DURING EACH PANEL. Each panel will have a unique code given out during the panel. This code must be entered into the electronic certificate of attendance form for each panel you wish to receive credit for.

Note: While the webinars will be held in Airmeet, they will also be live streamed on our web site, YouTube, and Facebook. You may watch the webinars on any of those platforms, but you can only participate in Q&A on the Airmeet platform. If your state bar requires you to attend a webinar so that you may ask questions, then you should register for the webinars on Airmeet as well, if you have not already done so.


Step 4: Access the CLE materials for each panel via Dropbox by clicking the button below.

Step 5: After you have finished all of your CLE panels for the day, sign out on the electronic sign-out form.
Step 6: After you have finished all of your CLE panels for the day, fill out the electonic certificate of attendance form by clicking the button below WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE END OF THE PROGRAM. If you do not get your form to us in time, we cannot guarantee that your state will accept your CLE credits.

Step 7: The Federalist Society will be reaching out to individual attorneys at the email address they provide on their electronic certificates as soon as the state they requested for CLE has accredited the program.

Step 8: If you would like to check on your State's approval numbers, we will be updating this document with new hours from each approving state, as we receive them.


If you have any questions about the CLE application process or your status, please email us at cle@fedsoc.org.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of CLE are available?

Each state will have some variance as to what they approve, but we are applying for 6 hours of CLE for Wednesday, May 19th.

Is there an Ethics panel, if so, when?

None of these panels qualify for Ethics CLE.

I forgot to Register before hand and the panel is coming up in 5 minutes! What can I do?

First, locate the sign-in button for the day above, and sign in for the panel.
Second, watch the panel on either AirmeetYouTube, or our web site, and write down the unique code given out live. (If you do NOT write this code down, we cannot guarantee CLE credit.) Be sure to register on Airmeet if your state bar requires you to be in a webinar where you can ask questions.

Remember: You can do the CLE payment portion AFTER the panels are over!

Where are the CLE Materials?

CLE materials will be made available on this page through a link.