Rule of Law or Rule of Judges (or Both)?

San Francisco Lawyers Chapter

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First Annual Symposium on the California Judiciary

The California Supreme Court has historically charted its own course.  Since the 1986 recall of three justices, the Court has had a relatively low profile considering its place as the country's second most important court.  Its decision in In re Marriage Cases has put the Court back at the center of public debate.   

Our panelists will discuss whether the Court under Chief Justice George is leading a quiet judicial revolution or charting an incremental path.  They will also talk about where the George Court has taken the state in important areas of criminal, civil rights, and property rights law and where it may go in the future. Audio recorded on October 8, 2008.

**Please be advised that the audio recording of this event started a little late and we lost Bob Egelko's opening remarks.  We apologize for the inconvenience.**


  • Bob Egelko, Courts Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Tom Gede, former Deputy Attorney General, Bingham McCutchen
  • Tim Sandefur, Pacific Legal Foundation
  • Gerald Uelmen, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University