Litigation Update: Bates v. Pakseresht

In Bates v. Pakseresht, Oregon mother-of-5 Jessica Bates is challenging the Oregon Department of Human Services’ (OHDS) rules that require all potential adoptive families to affirm and support the sexual orientation, gender identity, and/ or gender expression of any potential children placed with them. 

Ms. Bates asserts that OHDS’s rules violate the “Free Speech,” and “Freedom of Assembly” clauses of the first amendment, and has sued in Federal Court to have the OHDS rules deemed unconstitutional. 

Join us for an update on this live litigation affecting free speech, freedom of religious practice, state regulations, and child safety with Jonathan Scruggs, lead attorney representing Ms. Bates from the Alliance Defending Freedom.



  • Jonathan Scruggs, Senior Counsel, Vice President of Litigation Strategy & Center for Conscience Initiatives, Alliance Defending Freedom
  • (Moderator) Miles Coleman, Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP



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