Deep Dive Episode 119 – FTC Remedial Authority: Powers, Process, and Suggestions for Reform

Regulatory Transparency Project Teleforum

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How does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) calculate consumer injury and civil penalties in consumer protection matters? This teleforum will discuss the FTC’s remedial powers, process, and suggestions for reform, including how the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Liu v. SEC and other cases may impact the FTC going forward.


  • James Cooper, Associate Professor of Law and Director, Program on Economics & Privacy, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University
  • Andrew Stivers, Deputy Director for Consumer Protection, Bureau of Economics, Federal Trade Commission
  • Berin Szóka, Senior Fellow, TechFreedom
  • John Villafranco, Partner, Kelly, Drye & Warren LLP
  • [Moderator] Svetlana Gans, Vice President & Associate General Counsel, NCTA

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