Feddie Night Fights: Baby Ninth Amendments?: State Constitutions & Unenumerated Rights

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The Federalist Society’s Student Division &
Charleston School of Law Chapter


Feddie Night Fights:
Baby Ninth Amendments?
State Constitutions & Unenumerated Rights


Prof. Kurt “The Whip” Lash
University of Richmond School of Law
Author, The Lost History of the Ninth Amendment


Anthony “The Sandman” Sanders
Institute For Justice
Author, Baby Ninth Amendments: How Americans Embraced Unenumerated Rights & Why It Matters


Jonathan Urick
U.S. Chamber Litigation Center
Associate Chief Counsel

Monday, April 24, 2023
Opening Bell: 8:00 P.M. ET


  • Anthony Sanders, Institute for Justice
  • Prof. Kurt Lash, University of Richmond School of Law
  • Referee: Jonathan Urick, Associate Chief Counsel, U.S. Chamber Litigation Center


Feddie Night Fights is a series of online events hosted by the Student Division and a rotating Student Chapter 


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