Singing the Pornographers Jurisprudence Blues? #MeToo

Does the United States have a satisfactory framework for the regulation of pornography?  If so, how do we explain the constitutional protection afforded to "virtual" child pornography, the popularity of "sexting" among adolescent boys and girls, and the surfeit of free and easily accessible pornography on the Internet? In their recent article in the HJLPP, David Tubbs and Jacqueline Smith argue that our nation no longer has a meaningful legal framework for the regulation of obscene and indecent stimuli. In his talk on August 13, David Tubbs will assess the consequences of its disappearance, with special attention given to the likely implications for the #MeToo movement.


  • Dr. David Tubbs - Associate Professor, The King's College

Dinner will be served.


  • Free - Federalist Society Members
  • $30 - Non-members

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