Scott Walker

Hon. Scott Walker

Governor, State of Wisconsin

Born on November 2, 1967 to Llew and Pat Walker in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Scott spent his early years in Plainfield, Iowa, where Llew served as pastor of a local church.

The family moved to Delavan, Wisconsin, in 1977 when Scott’s father was called to pastor a church there.  Scott was involved in sports, band, church, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, remaining active in the Boy Scouts of America to this day.

While in high school, Scott was selected to attend the American Legion’s Badger Boys State Program in Ripon.  He was subsequently selected as one of two representatives to Boys Nation in Washington, D.C., and the experience opened Scott’s eyes to public service.

In 1986, Scott moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University.  While still in school, he worked for IBM before leaving to work full-time in financial development for the American Red Cross.

Scott was elected to the State Assembly in 1993.  While there, he chaired several committees and authored important pieces of legislation.  He was re-elected four times.

In 2002, Scott was elected as Milwaukee County Executive and went to work reforming the scandal-ridden county government.  For the next eight years, Scott faithfully kept his promise to spend taxpayer money as if it were his own.  He cut the county’s debt by 30 percent, reduced the county workforce by more than 25 percent, and authored nine consecutive budgets without increasing the property tax levy from the previous year. 

Walker was first inaugurated as Governor on January 3, 2011, and immediately set our state on a path toward government reform and fiscal order.  When he took office, Wisconsin faced a projected $3.6 billion deficit, more than $800 million in unpaid bills, and the loss of nearly 134,000 jobs over the previous four years.  Governor Walker made tough, but prudent, decisions to ensure our children and grandchildren were not buried under a mountain of economically crippling debt; he paid the bills, balanced the budget, cut taxes, and put in place reforms that are growing jobs in Wisconsin.

Governor Walker was sworn in to his second term on January 5, 2015.  He is focused on continuing to move Wisconsin forward with his vision of freedom and prosperity for all who live in this great state.  He will continue to reform education to ensure accountability for all schools receiving public funds, as well as make sure no school district in the state is required to adopt the Common Core standards.  He will also continue cutting bureaucratic red tape so government is more effective, more efficient, and more accountable.

Scott is married to Tonette, and they have two sons in college.  They are active in the community and their church. 


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