Mario J. Rizzo

Prof. Mario J. Rizzo

Associate Professor of Economics; Director of the Foundations of the Market Economy Program, New York University

Mario Rizzo is the Director of the Program on the Foundations of the Market Economy in the Department of Economics. He is also the Co-Director of the Classical Liberal Institute at the New York University School of Law. He has been a law and economics fellow at Yale Law School and the University of Chicago Law School. He teaches a yearly seminar at the NYU Law School called “Classical Liberalism.” He is the author of many articles in economics and in law journals. He is the coauthor of  Austrian Economics Re-Examined: The Economics of Time and Ignorance. Professor Rizzo’s current research is focused on new or soft paternalism, behavioral economics, and the economic theory of rationality. He is completing a book, Puppets and Puppet Masters: Rationality, Behavioral Economics and New Paternalism, for Cambridge University Press.