Justin E. Dillon

Justin E. Dillon

Partner, KaiserDillon PLLC

A former Assistant United States Attorney, Justin Dillon now uses his years of litigation and investigative experience to defend clients in complex, high-stakes white-collar criminal and campus discipline cases.  Justin combines a meticulous approach to investigating the facts with a deep knowledge of criminal and administrative procedure to vigorously protect his clients’ futures and reputations.

Justin helps his clients fight what are often the toughest battles they will ever face.  In his white-collar practice, he has successfully defended the General Counsel of a public company in a foreign-bribery investigation, helped a government contractor avoid criminal charges after a lengthy federal investigation, and represented numerous individuals and small-business owners. He also frequently represents government employees under investigation for alleged ethical or criminal misconduct, including a former Cabinet secretary and numerous federal prosecutors.  He has extensive experience with Offices of Inspector General and the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

Justin has gained nationwide attention for his work representing students and professors in campus misconduct cases, which he and his firm have handled at more than 100 schools nationwide. Along with his colleague Chris Muha, he co-authored Title IX Hearings and Litigation: A Practitioner’s Guide, published by The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and available here to any member of FIRE’s Legal Network.  He also co-authored, with his partner Matt Kaiser, The KaiserDillon Guide to Defending Yourself in a Campus Sexual Assault Case, which is available here.  While many of his cases are successfully resolved on campus, Justin is not afraid to take it all the way to court—he was the first lawyer in the country to win summary judgment against a university in a campus sexual assault case, and he has never lost a Title IX lawsuit. (Click this link for more information about the firm’s Title IX Defense practice at our dedicated Title IX website, which includes video FAQs that have helped demystify these proceedings for many families.)

Immediately before joining KaiserDillon PLLC, Justin spent five and a half years as a federal prosecutor in Washington, DC, where he led more than 100 Grand Jury investigations, tried more than 60 criminal cases, and handled more than a dozen appeals.

Justin has also been published or quoted in more than a dozen national newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, National Review, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.  


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