Jennifer K. Bukowsky

Jennifer K. Bukowsky


Jennifer Bukowsky is an award-winning trial and appellate attorney. She has handled over 1,400 criminal cases on behalf of clients charged with offenses ranging from municipal misdemeanor violations to first-degree murder charges. She has tried dozens of jury trials, including one where her client received the only “not guilty” on a murder charge from Boone County in over 50 years. Jennifer also litigated, appealed, and eventually won the freedom for two different pro bono clients with actual innocence claims after each had wrongfully served more than 20 years in prison. One of those clients was only 14 years old and in eighth grade when he was arrested and then wrongfully convicted of murder, and unconstitutionally sentenced to mandatory life without parole.

Jennifer is Vice President of the Federalist Society’s Jefferson City Lawyers Chapter. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Show-Me Institute and was recently named chair of its new Litigation Committee.  Jennifer was appointed to and serves on the Missouri Supreme Court’s Task Force on Criminal Justice. 

Jennifer previously served as an adjunct professor of law for the University of Missouri. Jennifer was the youngest attorney ever elected President of the Boone County Bar Association, an office she held from 2014-2015. Jennifer served on two different Missouri Bar Committees that were appointed at the request of the Missouri Legislature- the first to complete a comprehensive revision of Missouri’s Criminal Code, the second to draft an expungement bill. Both the criminal code revision and the expungement bill were passed by the Missouri Legislature and went into effect in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Jennifer received a J.D. with highest honors from the University of Missouri School of Law. She is also a CPA.

Jennifer has been a weekly guest on the Gary Nolan Show since 2012 and has made countless appearances on other radio and TV shows (including Fox News, Newsmax and more). 

Jennifer lives in Columbia, Missouri with her husband, Brant, and their two sons, Blake & Gus.