David D. Friedman

Prof. David D. Friedman

Professor Emeritus, Santa Clara University School of Law

Topics: Telecommunications & Electronic Media • Litigation • Civil Rights • Intellectual Property

Professor Friedman is a widely published scholar with more than three decades of experience in academia, having taught extensively at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His area of expertise ranges from business to economics to law; he has published economic analyses of punitive damages, trade-secret law, criminal punishment, the size of nations, and a variety of other topics, including medical care, population economics, the economics of war, historical perspectives on freedom, and criminal defense. He is the author of books on price theory, economic analysis of law, implications of future technology, and libertarian economics and philosophy, as well as two novels.

Prior to joining the Santa Clara University School of Law faculty in 2005, Professor Friedman taught at VPI, U.C. Irvine, Cornell, Tulane, UCLA, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and the University of Chicago.


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