November’s National Lawyers Convention was one of our best ever. The theme was Administrative Agencies and the Regulatory State, and the panels and addresses were filled with great insights on that topic and many others. As always, it was also a great opportunity for members to reconnect. See inside for photos, and visit or to watch videos from the NLC.

Our Student Chapters have jumped into a new semester of Fed Soc events, and the Georgetown Law Student Chapter is hosting the National Student Symposium March 9-10. Check out the profile of the most prolific Student Chapter speaker on page 6, and don’t miss a Chapter President’s reflection on getting a dormant chapter up and running again. We just wrapped up the annual Western Chapters and Florida Chapters conferences, and you can see photos from those on the Lawyers Chapters pages.

The annual Faculty Conference took place at the very start of the new year, and featured some great panels, including presentations by the winners of the Young Legal Scholars paper competition. The Practice Groups continue to produce excellent commentary in their teleforum conference calls, and in written form in the Federalist Society Review and on the Fed Soc Blog. Practice Group leadership put together the breakout sessions at the NLC, which are well worth watching online if you missed them. Thanks to our Digital team, you can find the videos at, along with other great new videos.


See inside for photos of the many recent events put on by the Regulatory Transparency Project, the Article I Initiative, and the State Courts Project. We hope you enjoy this look at just a few of our activities. Keep up with us between issues on social media and at


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