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First Steps on Immigration Reform? The Military Enlistment Opportunity Act of 2013 - PodcastThe immigration reform debate is a major discussion topic in Congress this year. The Senate has already outlined a bipartisan compromise to deal with border security, visas, and citizenship for the estimated 11 million currently residing in the U.S. While a larger debate on comprehensive reform is unfolding, there are smaller steps under consideration, like H.R. 435, The Military Enlistment Opportunity Act of 2013. The experts on this previously recorded conference call discuss what this legislation seeks to accomplish and whether it will be a positive step forward in the ongoing immigration debate.


  • Mr. Evan Armstrong, General Counsel and Legislative Assistant to Representative Mike Coffman
  • Prof. Margaret D. Stock, Counsel, Lane Powell PC and Adjunct Instructor, University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • Moderator: Mr. Dean A. Reuter, Vice President & Director of Practice Groups, The Federalist Society

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