The Federalist Society produces a range of videos on law and policy topics. Our team is looking for proposals from freelance video editors who can assemble 3-4 minute videos on an ongoing basis explaining law & policy issues at a production level equivalent our recent videos:

John Jay: Family, Faith, & The Federalist Papers

Drones: The FAA's Regulations for Recreational Use

iPhones & the "All Writs Act"

We expect you to:

  • Collaborate with us initially to discuss the project and our objectives, and throughout the project on producing a high quality final product

  • Cut the script we’ve provided into an initial radio cut. We review and finalize the cut

  • Add images and other b-roll, music, title slides, intro and outro, and other simple animation & motion graphics -- bringing the academic substance to life in a creative way. We anticipate that the video has b-roll and other additional visual effects for 40-60% of the running time

  • We provide final feedback and you make final changes

  • Deliver the final video via YouTube and DropBox

  • Be highly proficient in Adobe Premiere CC

  • Be able to perform basic color correction

We would provide:

  • The interview footage and a script complete with timestamps

  • Some suggestions for b-roll and other visuals  

  • Consultation throughout the project if you have questions or need input

  • Access to/and/or budget for stock footage & Music

We’re interested in developing an ongoing relationship with you for future projects. Some of our projects are freestanding three-minute videos.  Other projects are multiple videos on related topics, based on a longer interview with a speaker, and are produced with similar stylization.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please send the following to [email protected]:

  • A proposal, including links to prior videos that you have produced in a similar style

  • A rate estimate per 3-4 minute video

  • References from previous projects