At the Federalist Society’s 2022 National Lawyers Convention, the International & National Security Law Practice Group hosted a lively discussion on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its implications for international law, order, and security. Judge Chad Readler moderated the discussion, which featured panelists Michael Allen, Judge Marshall Billingslea, retired Major General (Retired) Charles Dunlap Jr., and Professor Angela Stent. 

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine marks the latest attempt by Russia to reassert authority over former Soviet states as part of its Russian Grand Strategy. As it has done for its previous military engagements, Russia offered a legal justification for its use of force and violation of Ukraine’s right of self-determination. Many in the international community have condemned the invasion as a fundamental violation of international law. 

With the first anniversary of the conflict approaching, the prospect of a protracted war threatening global security and scarring a region has become a reality. What now can be said for Russia’s claims, Ukraine’s options, international expectations, and modern conflicts? What effect will this conflict have on traditional legal expectations of international norms going forward? Our panel of experts discussed these complex, important issues and more. 

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