Junior Faculty Workshops: Request for Proposals

Faculty Division

Junior Faculty Workshops are intended to provide a structured—but relatively informal—environment in which six or so faculty members from different law schools can gather to spend a day workshopping each others’ papers, followed by a group meal.

We invite all interested junior faculty members to submit a workshop proposal in keeping with the requirements listed below.

If a workshop is approved, the junior faculty member who proposed it is responsible for organizing and executing the workshop, as well as advising participants of the budget limitations and ensuring that the workshop stays within budget.


Proposals must contain the following:

  • A statement identifying a cohesive theme around which the workshop will be organized;
  • A proposed date and location;
    • Note: Submissions should propose to hold workshops no later than December 2021.
  • A list of proposed participants and their areas of expertise relevant to the theme;
    • Note: Participants should consist primarily of junior tenure-track faculty (defined as people who have been in tenure-track positions no more than seven years), but may include fellowship recipients, VAPs, and/or doctoral candidates in appropriate cases. All participants should be working in a subject area encompassed by or reasonably related to the workshop theme.
  • A proposed budget that estimates expenditures for food, and where applicable, travel and lodging;
    • Note: Where the participants are in relatively close geographical proximity, the maximum budget will generally be $1,000. Where some degree of air/rail travel and lodging will be necessary, we may increase the budget to as much as $3,000 to help defray travel costs.

The application deadline is July 2, 2021. Please emails submissions and/or questions to anthony.deardurff@fedsoc.org