Deep Dive Episode 115 – Public-Private Partnerships: The Future of Cybersecurity?

Regulatory Transparency Project's Fourth Branch Podcast

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While most agree cybersecurity is a vital part of modern national security and see cyber-attacks as an evolving and dangerous threat, the question of how best to utilize the resources of the United States to protect the nation against cyber-attacks is far more contested.

Many in the cybersecurity space see the path forward as including more public-private partnerships since private companies are often more directly impacted by cybercrime than the federal government and can be more dynamic in their responses.

However, given the criticism of these partnerships in the past, are they truly the best way to protect the public? In this time of quarantine, American society has become more dependent on internet technology, so examining how our nation protects itself and its companies digitally has never been more important.

Are public-private partnerships the best way to fight cybercrime? If not, can the government alone protect the nation from cybercrime? If these partnerships are the way of the future, how could they be improved? This teleforum will discuss these important questions and more.


  • Dmitri AlperovitchCo-Founder & Former CTO, CrowdStrike
  • Jamil JafferAdjunct Professor, NSI Founder, and Director, National Security Law & Policy Program, Antonin Scalia Law School

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