Income Inequality: Is It Fair or Unfair?

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The Yale Federalist Society presents a conversation and Q&A on income inequality. Is it fair or unfair? We hear that the gap between the poor and the rich has widened. Many decry the injustice of income and wealth inequality. But is it actually a problem and are the proposed remedies truly just? What is a fair “distribution” of income and wealth?

Professor Daniel Markovits, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at the Yale Law School, and Yaron Brook, executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, debate these and related issues. Markovits argues in favor of finding state and societal solutions to reduce this income gap and Brook argues that a genuinely laissez-faire capitalist society is the only system of fairness. 


  • Dr. Yaron Brook, Executive Chairman, Ayn Rand Institute and Author, "Equal Is Unfair"
  • Prof. Daniel Markovits, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law, Yale Law School and Author, "Snowball Inequality"