Healthcare Reform in the Supreme Court: An Insider Perspective on the Historic Constitutional Challenge to President Obama's Healthcare Legislation

Iowa Lawyers Chapter

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health careThe Iowa Lawyers Chapter hosted this event on April 17, 2012. Gregory Katsas is the co-lead counsel for the private parties challenging President Obama's healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, and argued in the Supreme Court on behalf of all respondents on the jurisdictional issue of whether the challenge is barred by the Anti-Injunction Act. Following the historic three days of oral arguments in the Supreme Court, Mr. Katsas presented his insider perspective on the oral arguments and the many legal issues involved.


  • Hon. Gregory Katsas, Partner, Jones Day, Co-Lead Counsel for the Private Party Plaintiffs Challenging the Affordable Care Act and Former Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Introduction: Mr. Samual P. Langholz, State Public Defender of Iowa and President, Iowa Lawyers Chapter