Congress Can Fix the “Regulatory Mess” It Created

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New York Law School Professor David Schoenbrod, author of DC Confidential: Inside the Five Tricks of Washington, believes that Congress created a “regulatory mess” by commanding agencies to impose duties needed to protect the public. He contends that in doing so, legislators got credit for protecting voters but shifted to the agencies blame for the burdens of protection. Professor Schoenbrod also alleges that these same legislators later lobbied not to impose these unpopular burdens while simultaneously blaming the agencies for failing to deliver the statutorily-required protection.


In recent years some members of Congress have sought on several occasions to address these problems with various bills including the “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny” or REINS Act. Professor Schoenbrod rejects the idea that the problem originated in the agencies and offers his own alternative solutions.


Hon. Susan Dudley, Director of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center, will join us to moderate this interesting discussion with Professor Schoenbrod.




Professor David Schoenbrod, Trustee Professor of Law, New York Law School 


Moderator: Hon. Susan Dudley, Director, Regulatory Studies Center and Distinguished Professor of Practice, The George Washington University


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