Chinese Misappropriation of U.S. Technology: Assessing the U.S. Response

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Chinese targeting and misappropriation of U.S. technology has increasingly been identified as a threat to U.S. prosperity, competitiveness, and national security. However, the scope and nature of the problem is not yet widely understood. Moreover, the long term commitment of the U.S. government to addressing the problem has been questioned. This teleforum features leading experts on the issue who will assess the nature and scope of the problem, the tools the U.S. government has to address it, and the adequacy, costs and benefits of using these tools. 


Mark Cohen, Director and Senior Fellow, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, University of California at Berkeley

David R. Hanke, Partner, Arent Fox LLP

Andy Keiser, Principal, Navigators Global

Moderator: Prof. Mark F. Schultz, Professor of Law, Southern Illinois University School of Law


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