Chevron and the States: A Conversation with Governors' General Counsel about Judicial Deference to State Administrative Agency Interpretations of State Laws

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Deference doctrines utilized by the federal Judiciary when federal agencies act is the subject of substantial debate and attention.  Chevron deference, Skidmore deference, and Kisor/Auer deference are recognizable to many.  But less attention is paid to how state legislatures and judiciaries calibrate the balance of separated powers on the same score.

In this webinar, Professor Aram Gavoor will lead a balanced discussion and press the governors' General Counsel or Chief Legal Counsel from Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. The program will explore the similarities, differences, and unique features of state judicial deference to administrative agency interpretations of law.


Ryan D. Newman, General Counsel, Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis

Jonathan T. Skrmetti, Chief Legal Counsel , Office of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee

James P. Sullivan, General Counsel , Office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Moderator: Aram A. Gavoor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professorial Lecturer in Law, The George Washington University Law School


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