Deep Dive Episode 53 – Analyzing the Regulatory Thicket

Regulatory Transparency Project Teleforum

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Regulation is a pervasive and increasingly a contentious issue in 21st Century America. The propriety of any given regulatory imposition may be debatable; however, in this discussion we address bigger questions about how regulation works as a whole—whether, in the aggregate, regulation at the federal, state and local level is working well, or impacting innovation and economic opportunity. What are the relative benefits of local and state regulation as well the societal costs?

Our co-presenters, Brooks Rainwater (National League of Cities) and Luke Wake (NFIB Small Business Legal Center), will explore whether we should maintain the status quo, seek to scale-back existing regulation, and/or winnow existing regulatory regimes.


  • Brooks Rainwater, Senior Executive & Director, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities
  • Luke Wake, Senior Staff Attorney, NFIB Small Business Legal Center

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