Robert P. Greenspoon

Robert P. Greenspoon

Founding Member, Flachsbart & Greenspoon

Robert Greenspoon is a founding member of Flachsbart & Greenspoon, LLC. He is a registered patent attorney who concentrates his practice on the trial and appeal of patent cases and other complex litigation. He often leads the charge to advance important sweeping policy issues favoring rights holders. He received his undergraduate science degree in physics from the University of Chicago and his law degree from the University of Michigan. He is also a former federal district court law clerk.

In patent cases, Mr. Greenspoon represents both licensing businesses and operating companies, and both rights holders and accused infringers. He has argued and won numerous cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, among others. One of his most recent appellate wins came in 2015, when the Eighth Circuit reinstated his client’s case against a bank, remanding to allow a determination of whether it should be held accountable for aiding and abetting a $190 million Ponzi scheme. In January 2016, Mr. Greenspoon also presented his client’s petition to the Supreme Court in Cooper v. Lee, No. 15-955, seeking to hold America Invents Act reviews unconstitutional on Article III separation of powers grounds. This position has attracted numerous “friends of the court” rallying in support from affected businesses, inventor non-profit groups and academia. The Supreme Court will likely determine whether to hear the case in the fall.

Mr. Greenspoon is also a past board member of the United Inventors Association of the United States of America.


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