Patrick Rosenstiel

Patrick Rosenstiel

CEO, Ainsley Shea and Senior Consultant, National Popular Vote Campaign

Patrick Rosenstiel is a nationally recognized figure in the world of public affairs, international relations, public relations and market research. Having cut his teeth in the campaign world, including the Forbes for President campaign, Pat brings nearly two decades of senior level public affairs expertise to the table.

With a proactive philosophy toward public affairs, he has advanced initiatives related to defense, Social Security reform, Medicare Part D and drug re-importation. He has won impressive brand victories for Pfizer, Progress for America, Business Roundtable, Recombinetics, Inc., the United States Chamber of Commerce and countless Fortune 500 companies that compete in regulated industries.

As Executive Director of the Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity (TAPP), Rosenstiel led a national public affairs, public relations and citizen lobbying effort against the Section 421 (Trade Act of 1974) petition asking the Obama administration to impose a 35% tariff on low-cost tires manufactured in China. As a direct result, the eventual tariff was reduced by 20 points and shortened.

As a political field director, Rosenstiel successfully directed grassroots efforts across the West and Midwest to garner Senate support for U.S. Supreme Court candidates John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

As a media relations professional, he has placed his clients in The Washington Post, Fox News, The New York Times, Business 2.0 and The Wall Street Journal, as well as hundreds of regional broadcast, local and trade media relevant to the geo-specific needs of the client.

In addition to his work as the CEO of Ainsley Shea, a Twin Cities-based public affairs firm with a worldwide impact, Rosenstiel presently serves as a senior consultant to the National Popular Vote campaign.


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