Carrie Ann S. Donnell

Carrie Ann S. Donnell

President & CEO, American Juris Link, American Juris Link

Carrie Ann Donnell joined Arizona’s legal community after graduating law school from Wake Forest University. While clerking at a civil liberties firm in Phoenix (the Institute for Justice), Carrie Ann undertook two milestone voyages – to the courthouse to file her first legal brief, and to the wilderness to spend her first night in a tent. True to character, Carrie Ann spent months diligently preparing for both, and set her sights high. Her brief went to the Arizona Supreme Court, and her camping trip spanned four nights in the Grand Canyon. Carrie Ann soon made her home in the valley, where she and her husband attend Harvest Bible Church and enjoy rafting, hiking, and camping with their children.

Carrie Ann began her professional career at the Goldwater Institute, filling three roles simultaneously. As litigation attorney, paralegal, and administrative support for the brand new two-person legal team, Carrie Ann quickly became familiar with all aspects of representing clients. Her first lawsuit went to the Arizona Supreme Court to vindicate the Gift Clause of the Arizona Constitution on behalf of taxpayers in a $100 million subsidy challenge.

She developed expertise in Arizona Public Records Laws (and its federal counterpart, FOIA) after defending a grandmother from a school district’s attempt to hide financial and student records. Carrie Ann teaches public records seminars to other lawyers and public employees, and uses her expertise to help her clients build their businesses and legal cases.


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