Brad Schimel

Hon. Brad Schimel

Attorney General, State of Wisconsin

Brad D. Schimel was elected Wisconsin Attorney General on November 4, 2014, and inaugurated January 5, 2015.  A frontline prosecutor first elected Waukesha County District Attorney in 2006, Schimel has pledged as Attorney General to put public safety over politics and to continue the fight against heroin, human traffickers, domestic violence and Internet predators.

Attorney General Schimel earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  A graduate of Mukwonago High School, General Schimel holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He began his career as a prosecutor in 1990 when he joined the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office.

In the same year he was elected Waukesha County District Attorney, Schimel was awarded the 2006 Wisconsin Association of Victim and Witness Professionals “Wisconsin Professional of the Year” for his work on behalf of victims of sexual assault.

In 2011, Schimel was appointed to serve on the Wisconsin Judicial Council, and he was appointed to serve on the Wisconsin Crime Victim Council, where he also has served in a leadership capacity as the Secretary of Council.  Schimel is a founding member of the Waukesha County Victim Impact Panel for intoxicated drivers, and he has served as President of the Preventing Alcohol-Related Crashes (PARC) Task Force from 2004-2011.

Schimel has been deeply involved in a variety of community and volunteer activities, including serving as a board member and Past President of Board of Safe Babies/Healthy Families, which provides education, support and resources to families.  He also has served as a lector for St. Anthony on the Lake Parish; as a board member for the Waukesha Food Pantry; and, as President and member of the Board of Directors for Interfaith Senior Programs.

Schimel and his wife, Sandi, have two daughters, a rescue dog and two rescue cats.  In his leisure time, Schimel plays bass in a classic rock band and is a Harley Davidson enthusiast.