In November, North Carolina voters will head to the polls to elect four of the seven members of the North Carolina Supreme Court. As a majority of the seats on the Supreme Court are at stake, the outcome of the election will have a long lasting impact on the law of the State. The candidate forums will provide the candidates with the opportunity to discuss their judicial philosophies and their view of the role of the Supreme Court in our system of government. This forum was held on September 17, 2014, at City Club Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina.


  • Chief Justice Mark Martin, North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Judge Samuel J. Ervin, IV, North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • Justice Robert N. Hunter, Jr., North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Justice Robin Hudson, North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Judge Eric Levinson, Seventh Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina
  • Justice Cheri Beasley, North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Mr. Mike Robinson, Partner, Robinson & Lawing, LLP
  • Moderator: Mrs. Donna Martinez, Contributing Editor, Carolina Journal and Co-Host, Carolina Journal Radio
  • Introduction: Mr. Kevin P. Hales, Legal Counsel, SAS

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