The Federalist Paper, November 2010We are pleased to bring you the fall issue of The Federalist Paper. Inside, as always, we review the many programs and publications the Federalist Society has sponsored through its various divisions and special projects over the past three months.

The Federalist Society Lawyers Chapters and Practice Groups have been busy hosting events, recording podcasts, and publishing articles on a wide variety of topics, including the individual health insurance mandate, the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Court's decision in Citizens United, as well as other decisions from the Court's last Term. On the eve of state judicial elections across the country, the State Courts Project has generated discussion over the role of the courts in over a dozen states through the use of media, events, and publications.

The International Law & Sovereignty Project co-sponsored the 2010 Law and Security Conference in Vienna, Austria, at which law professors and attorneys offered courses on such subjects as the role of the United Nations in the War on Terror and the balance between security and civil liberties. The Faculty Division hosted its first three entries in its Law and Liberty Series, bringing together small groups of professors, practitioners, and students to discuss important texts.

As always, we invite and encourage friends and members to send in comments and suggestions - and look forward to hearing from you!