The Federalist Society takes the American Founding and the Constitution seriously, and with that comes an appreciation for the Founding Fathers who made them happen. The rest of the world has lately gained an appreciation for one founder in particular. Thanks to the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton—one of the pseudonymous authors of the Federalist Papers defending the Constitution—has risen to the top of the collective American consciousness.

Inside this issue, you will find excerpts from a short essay by a recent Fed Soc intern on why you should see Hamilton, along with selections from the show’s clever lyrics. Of course, you’ve already seen the Federalist Society’s original artwork featuring Hamilton, on the cover of this magazine and to the right. Be sure to check out our short video about Alexander Hamilton at, described on the page 4. 

Besides featuring this eminent Founding Father, this issue of the Federalist Paper updates you on the many events the Federalist Society has hosted lately, and on the resources you can find on our website, including short videos, journal articles, blog posts, podcasts, and more. 

Student Chapters around the country have kicked off the school year, and are off to a great start hosting excellent on-campus debates and speakers. Our Lawyers Chapters have been active too. The Texas Chapters came together for their annual conference in Austin. Practice Groups and the Faculty Division co-hosted an excellent Supreme Court Preview just in time for the opening of the Court’s new term. 

Check out a sneak preview of a documentary about Justice Scalia, portions of which will be screened at the upcoming National Lawyers Convention. There is also a member profile and a note about our fundraising excellence.

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