State Court Docket Watch Summer 2013In an effort to increase dialogue about state court jurisprudence, the Federalist Society presents State Court Docket Watch. This newsletter is one component of the State Courts Project, presenting original research on state court jurisprudence and illustrating new trends and ground-breaking decisions in the state courts.

Citing Rule Against “Log Rolling,” Oklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Comprehensive State Tort Reform by Glenn G. Lammi

Florida Supreme Court Requires Fourth Amendment Protections for Emerging Technology by Caroline Johnson Levine

Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Vouchers for K-12 Education by Leslie Davis Hiner 

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Permits Waivers for Future Negligence by Third Parties by Michael I. Krauss & Samantha Rocci

Louisiana Supreme Court Strikes Down Statewide Voucher Program by Leslie David Hiner