In an effort to increase dialogue about state court jurisprudence, the Federalist Society presents State Court Docket Watch. This newsletter is one component of the State Courts Project, presenting original research on state court jurisprudence and illustrating new trends and ground-breaking decisions in the state courts. This issue features articles on the state courts of Illinois, California, West Virginia, Montana, Washington, and New York.

  • A Recent History of Medical Malpractice and Civil Justice Reform in Illinois: The Five Year Wait for the Supreme Court to Decide the Fate of Reform in LeBron v. Gottlieb Memorial Hospital by Christopher Hage
  • A Survey of California Furlough Lawsuits by Jason J. Jarvis
  • Caperton Decision Prompts Changes to Judicial Recusal Standards and Procedures by Stephen R. Klein
  • West Virginia Court Expands Copperweld Doctrine by Jarrett Gerlach
  • Montana Supreme Court: Physician-Assisted Suicide Is an End-of-Life Option by Rita L. Marker
  • Washington Supreme Court Upholds School Funding Structure: Disparities in School Employee Pay Not Unconstitutional by Michael J. Reitz
  • New York's Highest Court Backtracks on Property Owners' Rights in Eminent Domain Case by Craig Mausler