Administrative Law & Regulation

Could a New Section 1983 Covering Federal Officials Curb Executive Branch Abuse of Constitutional Rights?
    by J. Kennerly Davis, Jr.


Environmental Law & Property Rights 

Finding the Denominator in Regulatory Takings Cases: A Preview of Murr v. Wisconsin
    by Christopher M. Kieser

Final Agency Actions and Judicial Review: United States Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Co.
    by James S. Burling 

The Sandbagging Phenomenon: How Governments Lower Eminent Domain Appraisals to Punish Landowners
     by C. Jarrett Dieterle


Federalism & Separation of Powers 

The Justice Department’s Third-Party Payment Practice, the Antideficiency Act, and Legal Ethics
    by Paul J. Larkin, Jr.


Intellectual Property

A Second Look at the CREATES Act: What’s Not Being Said
     by Erika Lietzan

Intellectual Property and Standard Setting
    by Koren W. Wong-Ervin and Joshua D. Wright


Labor & Employment 

Full Board Decisions of the National Labor Relations Board: Fiscal Year 2016
    by John N. Raudabaugh 


Religious Liberties

Religious Exemptions and Third-Party Harms
    by Thomas C. Berg


Telecommunications & Electronic Media

The FCC Forgot Something in Piecing Together Its Complex Proposal for Broadband Privacy Regulation: Consumers
    by Rosemary C. Harold 


Book Review

The War on Cops (Heather Mac Donald)
    Reviewed by John G. Malcolm