The Faculty Division presents this comprehensive update of our Annotated Bibliography of Conservative and Libertarian Legal Scholarship. Our annotated bibliography is an easy-to-use resource for law students and aspiring legal scholars, collecting the key works by conservative and libertarian scholars across a wide range of subject areas. If you seek a quick introduction to the major thinkers in any discipline, check out the bibliography:


Table of Contents


I. The Common Law Foundation: General

II. Property

III. Contracts

IV. Torts

V. Constitutional Law

VI. Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice

VII. Antitrust Law

VIII. Civil Procedure

IX. Commercial & Bankruptcy Law

X. Corporate Law

XI. Criminal Law & Procedure

XII. Environmental Law

XIII. Family Law

XIV. Federal Courts

XV. Intellectual Property

XVI. International Law & Transactions

XVII. Jurisprudence

XVIII. Labor & Employment Law

XIX. Legal Profession

XX. Legislation

XXI. Securities Law

XXII. Taxation

XXIII. Telecommunications

XXIV. Trusts & Estates