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The Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed retaining both the existing particulate matter and ozone primary and secondary standards. Over the last several decades, air quality in the United States has improved dramatically. Though many have advocated for more stringent PM and ozone standards, the environmental and public health imperative for tighter standards is the subject of debate. Unlike in the past, the agency was able to finish the review of these criteria pollutants within the five-year statutory window. What was the basis for retaining these standards, how did the agency review the standards in such a timely fashion, and are these actions supported by the best available science? What are the arguments for and against these proposed actions? And are these standards, if finalized, likely to withstand judicial review? Experts discuss these and other critical questions.


  • Jeffrey R. Holmstead, Partner, Bracewell LLP
  • Justin Schwab, Founder, CGCN Law, PLLC
  • [Moderator] Daren Bakst, Senior Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

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