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Members of the Federalist Society’s Financial Services & E-Commerce Practice Group Executive Committee provided an update on recent important activity at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on this Teleforum conference call. Recent developments included a Washington Examiner article titled “Revolving Door at Regulator CFPB Enables Former Bureaucrats to Cash In at Taxpayers’ Expense”, the repeal of the bank regulators credit practices rules and the simultaneous warning that agencies will still enforce them, the CFPB’s barring the sale of student loans by Corinthian Colleges Inc., a CFPB report promoting “financial wellness” in the workplace, the CFPB's announcement that it will hold a field hearing on auto finance on September 18 in Indianapolis, and the introduction of bipartisan legislation that would invalidate the CFPB’s March, 2013 auto finance guidance and require the CFPB to proceed, if it chooses to do so, by rulemaking.

  • Julius L. Loeser, Of Counsel, Winston & Strawn LLP
  • Prof. Todd J. Zywicki, Foundation Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law